Rio Rancho New Mexico – Pick A Restaurant For Your Next Meal

Back to Rio Rancho NM we go, as I identify four more of the best dining establishments in the city. If you haven’t yet benefited from my picks, I hope that you find one you like listed in this article. With so many wonderful restaurants to choose from in the area, you’re going to enjoy your next meal. When on vacation in Rio Rancho NM, each meal needs to be special.

First up is Indigo Crow Cafe. What a name, right? It is intriguing for sure. I like cafes, and the name really stood out to me. Indigo Crow Cafe is on Corrales Road, and one menu favorite is the brisket sandwich. A brisket sandwich is always a great idea, don’t you agree? According to reviews, this restaurant features a nice ambiance, and the food is rich and delicious. The Creme Brulee is a favorite for dessert.

Banana Leaf is another interesting restaurant on the list for top dining establishments in Rio Rancho. Located on State Highway 528, Banana Leaf is known for its Thai cuisine. Lemon chicken is one of the menu highlights. People say that the restaurant is quite large, too. When you are craving Thai food, think Banana Leaf when you’re in Rio Rancho NM.

Of course, there is also Thai Kitchen. I wanted to go ahead and mention this top restaurant next so that you would have two choices for Thai cuisine. This restaurant will send you back over to Corrales Road. The menu highlights for Thai Kitchen say to expect generous portions. Thai Kitchen is also said to be very spacious and features a nice ambiance, just like its competition.

The Point Grill is a wonderful place to go when you’re looking for burgers. This burger joint + more is located on Parkway Avenue. The Southwest Burger is said to be one of the favorites. You can dine outdoors if you like, too. People call this restaurant a nice little bistro and a late night escape. When a burger is want you want for you next meal, you might consider The Point Grill.

I would be considering all of these restaurants in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Thai cuisine isn’t my favorite by any means, but being a vegetarian, I’m always willing to try it out from time to time. It’s fun to try new things, and you’re going to have fun trying these restaurants out for sure.